Gulf Shores, AL

Hang Out Music Fest, VIP Lounge

Stevie Wonder closed off the festival with an extended set. We dance with everyone from everywhere in America.
“Where did you get moves like that?” A girl from New Orleans asked.

I found them off I-40 on the way back to California.

Before he played a cover of Lennon’s “Imagine,” he told everyone that it does not matter who or what you believe in, just so long as you believe in peace.

Part way through the set, the blind band leader stopped the music to tell the crowd that guns should be banished, that he has seen too many people die and has had family members die by them. The majority of the crowd - filled with southerners – booed at his statement while us three boys from California cheered.

The couple in front of us was smoking cigars, people were swimming in the VIP pools, my head was spinning from rum and Stevie played every song you love.

Liverpool, UK

Front Entrance To Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

The hospital will be 100 years old next year. One hundred years of treating children from around Liverpool. One hundred years containing two World Wars. For the hospital’s 100th birthday, they are tearing down the entire edifice and building a new hospital.

They were split on the decision, they said. The history, the stories, the people; the building had so many narratives woven inside of it. But the past is not doing the children in the hospital any good with the outdated rooms and exhausted brick walls.

We drank at John Lennon’s favourite bar when he was in art school. I was in Liverpool for a matter of minutes before the rest of the bus crew said we have to check out Ye Cracke.

"A pint of bitters"

"Two pound fifty"

This is where it all started, it looks like.

Yoko Ono donated a large sum to the hospital to help them build a new Alder Hey. She also purchased John’s childhood home to restore it to how it was when he was a child.

I can’t make up my mind on if we should destroy the past or preserve it. It seems like no one else can either.

ON A PLANE FROM MANCHESTERBlooming Tree at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK
"The flowers in his eyes match the flowers on your shirt"

Blooming Tree at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK

"The flowers in his eyes match the flowers on your shirt"

Jacksonville Hotel, FL

From the hotel room’s window
The hospital resting as if a skyscraper
The signifiers of our Halloween today
Though were the
Holiday decorations scattered
Holiday decorating scattered
Helping create picturesque hangovers
Or inaccurate prepositions

Jacksonville Beach, FL

At Novembers start
I spoke with a cat & learned

That everything that happens here happens
The same way there too
That the vibrations the waves make that
Pull at thought strings to make
Heart clouds on this cold night are
The same way there too
And to hold this Atlantic while
Letting Pacific tides go untouched
Making other coast strings pull you become
The same way here too

For a moment the cat held onto eternity
Its soft, unkooth paw it turned it up to show
Cleansing light of eternal summer that feels
The same way there too

Austin, TX

A tome provided by a (replanted) local
Offering phenomenal rains bring pheromone tie-ins
As central hinted wisdom in centrally heated developments
Dodging accepting reasonability for 3 A.M. dances
Offering cross country drive soundtracks
1405 miles until San Diego with anxious sentiments

Generally, AZ

Inspired by my hate of this
I designed my own typeface (others were too used)
The C’s & A’s used for yr name & sthrn stts
Were so worn
Webster shuffled them out of his dictionary
"They look depraved
The C & the A
The B thought we can save
Though you must off stave
The southwestern wave”
My font was hardly as nice as you though
But its serifs were less used

Georgetown, TX

It is that I imagined your town
            With lithe fiends of goats & grains
To be excessively peaceful in the rolling hills
            So as to the overflow of peace
Spilled over & filled the land to grow
            Horrific conceded beats of greed
They would then spin & dance in the town
While the goats watched & understood the secrets
In a way that only
Stable goats can